Send mail from a different address or alias (Google)

Gmail lets you send messages with another of your email addresses listed as the sender instead of your Gmail address. This feature helps you manage multiple accounts from the Gmail interface; it works only if you already own the email account linked to the alternate address. To send mail from a different Gmail username, you’ll first need to sign up for that address. Select an option below for instructions on how to add your other addresses to your Gmail account.

Application of WordPress

Most of the world’s best website are built with WordPress. We love using WP and its at the heart of most of our web design projects. The benefits are that it open source, highly customisable, incredibly easy for clients to manage themselves, and very search engine friendly. For example, WordPress has a data base of over 26,000 plugin and applications that each offers custom functions and features. Thus it encourages us to tailor sites to clients’ specific needs.